Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

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Every day, at least one child dies from a home fire and every hour approximately 14 children are injured from fires or burns. Ninety percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires, which spread rapidly and can leave families as little as two minutes to escape once an alarm sounds. Fires are not just a problem in the United States. In 2008, nearly 61,400 children around the world died due to a fire or burn.

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Quick Facts

  • Fires and burns are the third-leading cause of unintentional
    injury-related death among children ages 14 and under.

  • Smoke alarms are extremely effective at preventing fire-related death and injury. The chances of dying in a residential fire
    are cut in half when a smoke alarm is present.

Who Is At Risk?

  • Children ages 5 and under are more than twice as likely to
    die in a fire than the rest of the population.

  • Male children have a higher risk of fire-related death and injury than female children.

Prevention Tips

  • Keep matches, gasoline, lighters and all other flammable materials locked away and out of children's reach.
  • Install smoke alarms in your home on every level and in every sleeping area. Test them once a month, replace the batteries at least twice a year, and replace the alarms every ten years.
  • Plan and practice several fire escape routes from each room of the home and identify an outside meeting place. Practicing an escape plan may help children who become frightened and confused in a fire escape to safety.