Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

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Child Passenger Safety – Facts & How To's

English l Spanish


Protecting Children in Your Home: The Facts
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Tips

Helmet Fit Test

Does your helmet fit properly?
Take the Helmet Fit Test.

Sports Hydration Tip Sheet

Learn how much water a child or
youth athlete should drink while
playing sports.

Medication Safety

Learn the facts about kids and
medication safety.

TV Tip-Overs Fact Sheet
Is your furniture secured to prevent
tip-overs? Learn the facts.

Baby I've Got My Eye on You

A 12-page booklet for parents of
children from birth to age 5. The home
safety guide contains prevention tips
for all injury risks. A room by room
survey of the home is also included.
This guide is also available in Spanish.

Toy Safety Rack Card

Designed to help parents choose
toys that will be safe for children.

Children Drown Without
a Sound Rack Card

Water safety information on pools
and open bodies of water; includes
water safety tips. Also in Spanish.

Can You Tell the Difference?

One sheet that diplays the similarities
between food and household products.



Medication Candy Lookalikes

Medication and Candy
Lookalike Resources

(Available in English and Spanish)
One sheet and display posters that
showcase the similarities between
medications and candys.

Gun Safety Rack Card

Tips on firearm safety, including
facts and statistics on firearms
in relation to children. 




Activity Book

Guide on pedestrian safety
including information on pedestrian
injuries and safety tips; also
includes activity pages for children
on Walk Smart. 


A coloring book geared to children
in grades K-3 and contains safety
messages for each letter of the

Helmet Heads

Printed with helmet fitting instructions
on the face of the card.  English on
one side, Spanish on the other side.


PFD (Personal Flotation
Device) Card

Printed with safety tips on the face
of the card.


Space Detector Card

Gauge the distance between
crib slats, ballistors or any small
area such as an open window,
deck, balcony or fence where a
child's hand or body member can
become caught or entangled or
where they may possibly fall through.